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Mintouge is a fashion and Web3 start-up that uses blockchain technology to create digital twins of physical products. These digital twins, or "minted" products, are unique and verifiable representations of their physical counterparts, and can be used to track ownership, authenticity, and provenance. Thanks to Mintouge, brands can communicate with their clients in safe and protected way to unlock loyalty opportunities like never before.



Clothing and Accessories

Mintouge is a fashion and Web3 start-up that aims to bring the circular economy to the fashion industry through the use of blockchain technology.


By using the Mintouge platform, clothing and accessory brands can mint digital twins of their physical products on the blockchain, creating a verifiable and secure record of ownership and authenticity. Thanks to digital twins, owners can unlock exclusive private communities to connect with each other while offering an anonymised channel for brands to communicate with their clients like never before. 


These digital twins can then be used as transaction assets in the secondary market, unlocking second-hand royalties for the brand and supporting the circular economy.

Additionally, the Mintouge platform offers a 3D configurator and a fiat to crypto payment gateway, allowing customers to customise and purchase products directly through the platform. The use of smart contracts and a custodial wallet also ensures secure and transparent transactions.

Overall, Mintouge provides a unique solution for the fashion industry, enabling brands to engage with customers in a new and innovative way while supporting the circular economy and protecting data privacy.


Jewellery and Watches 

Mintouge can be used for watches and jewellery by providing a way for customers to purchase and own these luxury products using blockchain technology.


By using the Mintouge platform, customers can buy and sell watches and jewellery using a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway, as well as securely store and manage their ownership of these items using smart contracts and a custodial wallet.

In addition, Mintouge can help support the authenticity and provenance of these items by using digital twins as transaction assets that represent the ownership and authenticity of a physical product.


Customers can use an NFC card on their phone during a transaction to verify the authenticity of a watch or piece of jewelry, and can even unlock second-hand royalties by using the digital twins as a way to track the ownership of these items over time while creating private communities around them. 

Overall, Mintouge provides a secure and convenient way for customers to purchase, own, and sell watches and jewelry using blockchain technology, while also helping to support the circular economy and protect the authenticity of these items.

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Mintouge can be used for wine by allowing wine collectors and connoisseurs to have a secure and transparent way to authenticate and track the ownership of their wines.


By using the Mintouge technology, a digital twin of the wine could be created and stored on the blockchain, providing a tamper-proof record of the wine's provenance and history.


This digital twin could then be used as a transaction asset, representing the ownership and authenticity of the physical bottle.


With Mintouge, wine collectors and connoisseurs can have confidence in the authenticity of their wines and be assured that their investment is protected while creating private communities around them. 


Additionally, the use of Mintouge could potentially help to reduce counterfeiting and fraud in the wine industry, ensuring that only authentic and genuine wines are being traded and consumed while storing the physical bottles with the vineyard. 




Mintouge can be used for eyewear in a number of ways. First, the 3D configurator can be used to allow customers to virtually try on and customize their eyewear.


This can be done through the use of augmented reality (AR), which allows customers to see how the eyewear looks on their face in real-time.

In addition, the Mintouge platform can be used to authenticate and verify the authenticity of eyewear through the use of digital twins.


Digital twins are digital representations of physical products that are stored on the blockchain, and they can be used to track the ownership and authenticity of the product and create communities around them. 


By using an NFC card or smartphone, customers can verify the authenticity of their eyewear and unlock second-hand royalties through the Mintouge platform.

Finally, Mintouge can be used to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of eyewear through the use of the fiat to crypto payment gateway and smart contracts.


This allows customers to purchase eyewear using traditional currencies, while still taking advantage of the security and transparency of the blockchain.


Fragrances and Cosmetics

Mintouge could be used for makeup and cosmetics by creating digital twins of individual products or sets.


This would allow customers to own and trade unique, verified versions of these products, and would provide a new avenue for luxury brands to sell and market their products.

At the same time, through the virtual configurator Mintouge allows make-up and cosmetics clients to try and test products in AR/VR while connecting to one another through the private communities liked to the digital twins they own. 


Whether or not your products are in the above list, we can partner with you.

Request a free Demo and our team will show you the endless opportunities offered by Mintouge!

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