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Collect experiences, not just products

Access luxury experiences through a distributed virtual wardrobe of real-world products


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Unlock the most exclusive brand experiences through every purchase

Mintouge transforms physical products into virtual assets.

Every purchase will connect you with other luxury investors and unlock brand and product communities.

With our technology and distributed network you can track the ownership and authenticity for every asset you own, and trade them safely.

Our Investors:

Wear your luxury products in Metaverses, Games and AR

Your physical products will be converted into 3D assets so that you can live immersive experiences in the Metaverse, gaming and augmented reality environments.

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Unlock exclusive experiences reserved for luxury shoppers

Think of your next purchase as a membership to a private community of likeminded luxury investors. Mintouge is your key to token-gates events such as hosted experiences and exclusive chats.


Digital Certificate of Ownership and Authenticity with insurance coverage

We partner with luxury brands to create digital replicas of your luxury investments so that you can track the market value of your wardrobe and trade your assets in a safe environment.


Mintouge is an invite only platform

Your favourite luxury brands will grant you exclusive access to our members only app.

Coming soon

Live immersive shopping experiences in AR/VR with VR Headsets


With our Platform, Everything Is Possible

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Are you a luxury brand?

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