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Connecting the most exclusive luxury brands and their clients through products

We offer a Web3 plugin that connects brands and their customers through products to create luxury experiences at scale

70% of luxury shoppers are interested in purchasing virtual products linked to real-world products by a brand

Install our plug-in on your e-commerce website in less then 10 minutes and few lines of code

AR/VR Try on

Virtual try on through Avatars and Augmented Reality

No crypto and digital wallets

Credit card payment with ‘buy now, pay later’ functionality and custodial wallet with insurance coverage on digital assets up to $35M

Easy to Install Virtual Boutique

Install your virtual boutique in less than 10 minutes and few lines of code.

Integrate your brand, products, avatars and design spaces

Real-Time 3D inventory management

Real time connection with your inventory  and CRM so that clients can track stock availability for every 3D product

Your out of the box Luxury Web3 Strategy 

Deliver immersive brand, product and styling experiences through an easy to install AR/VR plug-in that connects physical to virtual assets.



Create a digital replica of your product catalogue to connect with every client through every purchase.



Provide  your clients  with immersive AR/VR experiences to increase conversion rates.



Reward your clients with exclusive perks: brand chats, early access to new products, events, etc.


Mintouge is a revolutionary fashion and Web3 start-up that uses blockchain technology to create digital twins of physical products. These digital twins, or "minted" products, are unique and verifiable representations of their physical counterparts, and can be used to track ownership, authenticity, and provenance.

Our magic

The Mintouge plugin creates digital replicas of product catalogues that can be purchased using a credit card.

All items are stored in a Custodial Digital Wallet with an insurance coverage.

2D to 3D Conversion

Converting 3D sketches and 2D images into 3D models 

Digital Twinning

Blockchain pairing of physical and virtual assets unlocking second hand royalties for Luxury Brands

Token Gated Experiences

Token gated app unlocking Brand Chats and Communities

Interoperability AR/VR Ready


Integrate your products into Games, Metaverses and AR apps 

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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